Meet Me

Hello all! My name is Jessica and welcome to my world of photography! I have a degree in interior design, and have worked in the field for 3 years. Now I am pursuing my passion- Photography! Couples and love are my favorite things of all time, and after obsessing over and over about cute couples photos I decided that I needed to take my passion for it full time! I love my husband Dallan, camping, hiking, rock climbing and basically anything outdoors. Potatoes are literally my favorite food of all time (any kind- mashed, baked, fried, anything) and I watch a lot of The Office while editing. 🙂

I would love to be a part of your family, big day, or event so shoot me a message!

\/ \/ My cute hubby Dallan. Lots of people say he looks like Chris Pratt (ask to see our Halloween costumes last year… You won’t be disappointed.) He’s a huge goofball and loves Hawaii!